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The billion dollar industry of supplements can be very misleading and most of which is overpriced junk that promises to give you amazing results. Supplements are essentially worthless if your diet and workouts are not on point. Before investing all sorts of money and hopes into supplements get the other two in check first; then, and only then will supplements give you that extra boost to help you get the results you want.

Avoid supplements with fillers, dyes, too much of certain ingredients (like caffeine) or not enough of important ingredients. If the label says "blend" or "proprietary blend" then don't take it. Before deciding on a company to buy from, do a little research.

The company that I have  used for the past 7+ years is MYPROTEIN.COM. I have tried just about all of their products but what I NEVER STRAY FROM is their IMPACT WHEY PROTEIN! The ingredient lists of each product is short, simple, and clean. As I said before, do your own company/product research but if you trust me, then trust MYPROTIEN!

Click this link to check them out!

Use this code for 10% off of the best products on the market: MARCUS-RLV 

There are two brands that you can find on AMAZON that I highly recommend for supplements such as:

Creatine  Monohydrate - Glutamine - BCAAS - Berberine - Yohimbine - Melatonin - Multi-Vitamin - Turmeric - Fish Oil

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